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By | September 5, 2017


Digital Marketing Overview diagram

Digital Marketing Overview

This is the web site for the course “Data Science for Digital Marketing” created by the Web Science Institute at the University of Southampton.  It’s aimed at helping you master digital marketing as a discipline by using the tools of data science to extend those available in Google Analytics.

How to master digital marketing

This course is a practical introduction to how you can use data and data science techniques to improve marketing insights and manage customer interaction in web-based environments. Its content is aimed at people charged with delivering real engagement with their organisation’s clients in a digital age. Offering a practical use of data science for marketing insights it aims to help you enhance customer acquisition, retention and grow your customers lifetime value. The following video tells you more


Practical Hands on Materials.

This site is an intrinsic part of the course. We designed it to illustrate some of the features of good practice.

We tend to think of digital business being e-commerce but of course most sites do not actually end up with a shopping cart.  Many sites belong to business to business or not for profit organisations.

In order to track the success of the site we need to be able to measure engagement. We can do this by tracking things like

  • The number of pages viewed
  • Whether the visitor reached a particular call to action page
  • Has the visitor downloaded particular PDF documents
  • Have they viewed a key video – how far did they get?
  • Did they come back for more
  • Did they engage with our survey to tell us whether they found what they wanted

And so on.

We created the site in WordPress so you will be able to add your own posts later in the course.  It’s embedded in a social media structure (well at least youtube/facebook/twitter) plus google analytics and adwords accounts. This means you will be able to explore a real site, create effects and see what happens.

This is a key part of the learning programme.

Taking place over six weeks, each week will contain a mix of taught material, self-study, activities and practical exercises all carried out online and will be focusing on identifying the best customers.

Diagram of the structure of the course

Structure of the Course

Main things you will learn on the course

What you need to know to Master Digital Marketing

Key things you will learn


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