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By | November 19, 2017

We’re now in week 3 of the course and we are focusing on delivering a Google Analytics Overview to our course members. We go on to show them how to use it to improve the performance of the demo site and encourage them to explore how to do this.

Google Analytics Overview Screencast

Google Analytics collects, configures, processes and reports data based upon how people behave on your website. It collects ‘dimensions’ with metrics.

Dimensions are things such as page names, search terms, locations, languages, devices etc. Metrics are the total number of instances in which this dimension occurred. Dimensions can refer to the session itself or to an interaction as well as to the user or a user segment  A metric can refer to the audience, behaviour such as visiting a particular page or a conversion. Based upon a combination of dimensions and metrics a custom report can be constructed which can be used to improve the performance of the site and your marketing overall.

The course itself includes videos and screencasts as well as written text and exercises. Here is a screencast that delivers an introductory Google Analytics Overview.

The Business Context

The course is aims to fulfill the needs of today’s marketing manager.  They need to manage colleague’s and boss’s expectations and control the agencies who often do the actual work.  Keeping up to date is a challenge. Maintaining an overview is another. Presenting results in line with the overall business aims of the organisation is a third.

The Google Analytics Overview we deliver in this course addresses all three issues.

We explain how the different sections focus on 5 main areas

  • What’s happening in real time.
  • What are the characteristics of the audience
  • Where does traffic come from (Acquisition)
  • Which pages do people go to, what is their journey, what events are they triggering (Behaviour)
  • How well are we achieving our goals (Conversion)
Picture of Standard Google Analytics Report

Standard Google Analytics Report

By the end of week 3 course participants will have learned how to choose the best metrics for their site and create a dashboard for it.

To find out more about the materials and the course sign up on our information page here. 

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