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Digital Marketing Basics

We all need to learn digital marketing because however much we already know, new stuff arrives all the time.  In fact digital marketing is a key skill for aspiring marketing managers in a world where

  • customer journeys are becoming increasingly fragmented
  • new concepts like showrooming and webrooming describe the evolution of the customer experience
  • traffic to sites is increasingly mobile, realtime and impatient for results
  • connections are geo specific, always on
  • data history of individuals is available. This can help source new cohorts and retarget previous visitors
  •  machine learning can help us segment customers, predict their behaviour and identify those open to our messages.

We need to know how we can use these digital tools to

  •  drive traffic to the site
  • convert it once we get it there
  • establish what people think of the site when they got there and whether they will recommend us to others.

Otherwise we risk being left behind.

What advantages does digital marketing deliver?

It enables things that couldn’t happen in the traditional world

  • Individual, customised messages and products
  • Instant secure transactions
  • Facilitation and importance of customer review
  • Two way real time communication
  • enhanced product offers with service, finance and edutainment capable of being bundled into the product.
  • Real time, geographic and motivation based segmentation
  • Continual real time testing of message and offer

Those of us who started our marketing careers in the ’80s remember how we had to communicate with out email, websites, broadband and mobile phones.  Things that we all take for granted today.

What topics will help you learn digital marketing?

  1. How to define what it is that measures success for your business
    1. e-commerce or business to business
    2. Sales and events – links, downloads, sign ups, videos
  2. How to access that information
  3. How to present it in a way that senior management can use
    1. Impactful
    2. Timely
    3. Actionable

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