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Learning to use Google Analytics

Learn how to get to grips with the subtleties of teasing information out of data using Google Analytics.

In today’s business world we have to construct a business model capable of dealing with a fragmented combination of online and offline portions of the customer journey.

This means we have to know what we should be measuring and take steps to track the key parts of the journey and over time try and optimise them. The great thing about digital is it’s always on, it retains customer history and it allows easy testing and modification in a way that wasn’t possible in the pre digital era. It’s true that you could do a vs b testing with direct mail but it was expensive and time consuming compared to the tools we have available to us now.

What does digital marketing let us measure

In any business we need to know

  • How good we are at attracting people
  • Our efficiency in converting them
  • How good we are at hanging on to them

So Google Analytics really helps us with the first two looking at acquisition, behaviour and conversion.

Really we want to see at a glance where our best traffic comes from, which sources and which keywords they use.

We want to know where they went and whether the page works for them – do they buy anything or interact with something that we believe is on the step to a sale – or do they just leave. Do they go elsewhere, what do they look at – which pages do they leave from. Can we work out what our abandonment rate is?

Combine the distribution of visitors with bounce rates and page views per visit

What can we infer about the people that do interact with us. Which segments respond most readily to us – what can we tell about them. What things do they like. Can we get them to talk to us?

Key Digital Measurements

What do they do on your best pages – it’s a good discipline to focus on developing your top 10 pages

Where does your most valuable traffic come from

And just remember average conversion is about 2% – can y0u boost it – have you thought of using Google Analytics benchmarking tool

How does your ACTUAL conversion strategy work – what are you top 5 referring URls? What can you do to align yourself more closely with them.

How long do people take to purchase – generally it’s a U shaped curve. In other words – they either by immediately or after a prolonged period.

Above all you need to be certain that your home page is working properly and to know what links people use and where they go to next – is it into your sales funnel or towards your set of microgoals – or not?

What will you learn on this course about this topic

  1. How to define what it is that measures success for your business
  2. Be able to access that information
  3. How to present it in a way that will be impactful for senior management.

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