Marketing Data Science

Course overview

The data from digital marketing channels provides new opportunities for marketers.  It lets them create targeted and personalised campaigns, track customer journeys, improve customer segmentation and predict customer behaviour. This page explores the course content.

This course explores fundamental concepts and tools in data science that equip marketers to  use these new opportunities effectively.

Course Content

It demonstrates how to set up an example campaign, walking you through how each stage of the decision process.  The course outlines the types of data to be collected or used and introduces tools and techniques for analysis.

You will gain a better understanding of the role different sources of data can play in making sense of customer engagement, including :

  • Customer segmentation
  • Behavioural data and metrics
  • Churn prediction

We aim to give you the following insights, activities and experiences:

Access to real data (from this demo site) about website traffic and use journeys so you can track progress.

Learn how to use different sources of data and analysis methods to gain insights about visitors and their behaviour.

Measure activity within a site and  track the key events that signal engagement. These events can be used to build customer profiles and predict the behaviour of future visitors.

Understand how to combine this data with content from social media to give more meaningful insights.

Throughout the course you will  consider how you would use the techniques in your own campaigns.  You will be encouraged to reflect on how advanced machine learning and big data technologies reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Support and Outcomes

The course will show how data science can help your marketing team and teach you to use some techniques yourself. This will put you in a much stronger position to manage web and social media channels in your organisation. You will have gained practical experience of how this environment works.

We expect you to complete activities each week and submit three pieces of coursework. While you will complete all of them individually, you will also work in small groups with the dedicated supervision of a course tutor. The course tutors will be available to provide in-depth support.

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